We provide the security to have your new employee equipped with all relevant work- and residence permits and to guide you safely through the confusing field of German residence legislation.

Our concept is based on trust and reliability; each relocator in our company works on a case-by-case basis and accompanies your employees from A to Z. That means, that your employee does not have to constantly adjust to a new contact person who is specialised in certain fields. Of course, all colleagues are also in a position to fall back on the case if needed.

You can avail the service for each employee or, of course, also as a private individual. We accompany you before, during and after the relocation and create tailor-made solutions.



Timo from Finland: "…If I need to find something positive from my last move, it is the relocation service provide to us by Mrs. Sabine Schuengeler. A lot of people should learn from her the meaning of the word service and how it needs to be provided to the customer. In matter of fact, we believe, she must be an angel."

Kalle from Sweden: "I and my family has been extreemly satisfied with the service you have provided. I can actually not think of one single thing that you could improve! There is a first for everything."

Ari from Finland: "… for me everything has worked very well, so I do not have improvement proposals. Thank you very much for the great service !"

Branko from Croatia: "I'm more than satisfied. Thank you for everything!"

Inge from Norway: "…You helped us efficiently finding a house. You helped us with the schools, and if there was anything we wanted or change you were there supporting us 100 %."

Jean-Peter from Finland: "First of all I would like to thank you for the last stuff regarding the car issues. Now I have everything fixed and could not have done it in the way without your help. Then as a foreigner I see this service as a very valuable. I believe it would have taken 1-2 weeks time for me to set up this by my own, particularly when I don't speak German language etc."

Norma from Mexico: "I and my family have been happy with the service. It is delivered on time and has been very efficient and friendly. It has saved me a lot of time…"

Panagiota from Greece: "I don't have anything bad to say about your services. I think you are doing whatever is possible to help us with the authorities and to settle down in Aachen. I really appreciate your help."

Tor from Norway: "I have been very satisfied with your service. I think it had been much harder to settle here without your help."

Kari from Finland: "…In total your performance was 'outstanding' and we where very satisfied. Areas for approval: I didn't find anything … continue with high level of performing as you do?! If you need more compliments don't hesitate to call me."

Zsofia from Hungary: "I was really satisfied, I don't have anything to complain about. You sacrifiesed even your weekends, I think that is even too much…"