Gaining time for the essentials - feeling home!

Imagine you are recruiting an employee from abroad. His wife, three children, a dog and a parrot are going to join him to Germany.

To harden your new employee in the German authorities' jungle - to ask your secretary to find a suitable apartment and dispense her the next few weeks from work to clarify questions about the best schools, the closest by veterinarian and the common insurances - certainly not very efficient solution, right?

Let us take care of all your sorrows - we support your employees with great commitment.

One of our major customers once said: "We save a lot of money by making use of your services" - a bigger compliment cannot be given to a service provider.

And if you as a company relieve your new employee from abroad during the relocation process, you show a high valuation and strengthen your position as attractive employer in the competition to hire suitable specialists and executives.

Hiring of an employee creates a lot of costs. The clou of the relocation service is that your employee will be able to concentrate on his new job from the very first minute and that we will take care not only for his demands but also for his family's well-being - this should not be underestimated when thinking about making this investment.

We are available 24 hours / 365 days for your employees in emergency situations - a service that usually no one can afford in a company.

We offer our service nationwide and over the past 16 years we have been able to build up an excellent network of reliable partners and supported > 5,000 employees from more than 70 countries.

Give your employee the opportunity to start without getting stressed in Germany! We will support him well!